Friday, June 17, 2011

Faithful Unto Death has arrived!!!

U of Michigan tells me that this grand book is available to bookstores NOW. Also, they're thinking of serializing it on the web site--right up there with Chas. Dickens and Stephen King, yowza!

We're planning some Michigan events, one at Ann Arbor in August, and hope to include one at a bookstore in Cadillac, plus a visit to Macinac Island (Island Books) in September. I expect we'll need to include a Traverse City bookstore, too, since that's close to where the action was.

I sooooo much hate it that Uncle Gale and Aunt Charlotte are no longer with us. I remember them all gathered around the table at the farm, saying things like "No, it couldn't possibly have been him", and "Well, it COULD have been suicide, or even an accident!" "Oh, don't be ridiculous".

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