Thursday, July 21, 2011

Michigan NPR Online has a blurb about the book serialization, yowza!

OK, OK, "Faithful" shares top billing with  "A Spell on the Water" by Marjorie Cole, who has a plug by Barbara Kinsolver.  It would be so grand to get a "I couldn't put it down." note from someone like Barbara Kingsolver.  Or, say, Patricia Cornwell, who could really help pinpoint WHEN the fatal dose was administered, and would probably blow my solution out of the water but in a gripping way.

But still, we're there, in an NPR writeup.  We'll take it!

Friday, July 15, 2011

U of M is serializing Faithful Unto Death.

Feels like Charles Dickens.  Only not quite the rock-star quality.  But anyway, if you're patient and lack the means to buy your very own copy of "Faithful Unto Death" (or don't have a friend to borrow it from, in which case you are poor indeed!), you can read it in installments by dint of "liking" U of M's facebook link.

Personally I'd lack the patience.  When Stephen King did "The Green Mile" in that way, I just waited until the whole thing was done and got all (seven, was it?)  volumns and read them clear through.  Still am pissed about the Delecroix execution.

-becky t-

Monday, July 11, 2011

Grand book event at Bookmamas in Indianapolis!

University of Michigan has released my historical mystery of arsenic murder in Benzonia, Michigan in the 1890s, and we are having a grand book event in August to celebrate this.

The event will be on Wednesday, 8/17, at 6:30 pm (gives you time to get there from work and still have dinner afterwards!).

Bookmamas is located at:
9 Johnson Avenue
Indianapolis, Indiana 46219

Here are the book details, for those of you who are not already in the know:

Faithful Unto Death
-Becky Thacker-

Published by University of Michigan Press:
Ebook Formats

Arsenic shatters a family in 19th-century Michigan

Benzonia, Michigan, 1894: a sleepy Congregationalist community, dedicated to the education of hardworking and virtuous young people of both sexes and all races. Anna Spencer Thacker is the daughter of missionaries, a faithful wife, and mother of five, pious to a fault. She is suddenly stricken with a mysterious ailment that soon proves fatal. Was it truly an unfortunate illness? Or was it murder—or suicide?

Events, here and there.

Have lots of possible things happening in the next few months. BookMamas in east side of Indy in July (still nailing down dates), Ann Arbor downtown library on Friday, August 5th at 7:00 pm, and POSSIBLY a gig at Horizon Books in Cadillac, MI on Saturday, August 6th.
Stay tuned....
-becky t-