Friday, May 21, 2010

Harriet's second foot surgery--the continuing saga.

Tina and Vicki built the grand wheelchair ramp. Deb, Harriet, and Winston (in the blue harness) kibbitzed. High fives all around!

Harriet's getting very adept at wheelchair piloting. Mark W from work created a handy wheelchair carry-tray which also serves as a portable desk.
We went to the doctor today to have stitches removed. He said "It looks good" and we looked at him in disbelief. Some background: before the surgery, he met us in the pre-op area and wrote 'YES' on the appropriate foot with an indelible marker. Two weeks after the surgery, we were back in his office because the foot was getting more, rather than less, painful. They diagnosed a minor infection, which they outlined with another indelible marker. A week after, antibiotics had kicked in and the red area had shrunk back. Another week, stitches out, leaving a half-inch wide black L-shaped area, with multicolored patchy skin flaking off inside the 'L', wavy black marker outlining the area, and 'YES' written above the whole thing. Looks good? Hmmmm.