Monday, October 10, 2011

Upcoming book events: Senior Center, GLBA Author Feast, Benzonia, on and on....

"Faithful Unto Death" is doing the rounds in fall rather than the expected springtime push, so we'll be going to northern Michigan in the bleak rainy autumn, doing Halloween things and the like.

Next weekend we’re off to the Great Lakes Booksellers trade show.  (   I’m invited to appear at the Moveable Author Feast—bookstore owners attend it and the invited authors circulate around the tables (relocating to a new table for each course) and talk about their books.  So in the course of an hour or so, you interact with about 30 different regional bookstore owners.    A great way to get exposure.  Plus we get authors fed a little before the event and have a chance to chat with one another.  The best thing I’m experiencing in all these book/author events is chatting with other writers, hearing what people are working on, how they approach problems, etc.

Benzonia the weekend after that! lists us as their "Haunts of Benzie County" Halloween event.  I hope to have lively discussions with the local folks about their ancestors--I hope they don't bludgeon me in any disagreements. 

The Indianapolis central library the Saturday after that (, lots of authors will be there and we get to sit at tables feeling foolish while people avert their eyes as they go by because they'll think we're selling something.  Which I guess we are, in a way. 

Our librarian pal Cherie S. from Tipton has organized an event at their library on November 5th.  That one will probably be more fun than the main library, they have invited a group of folks who love historical fiction. 
THEN, there’s a break until early December when the local historical society has their holiday author fair: