Monday, November 14, 2011

Benzonia/Frankfort book event

The turnout wasn't as grand as we'd have liked, but those who attended were very interested and lively, and it was great going back to Benzonia and looking around again.  We easily found Anna's tombstone and got a MUCH sharper photo that shows the inscription better than our old one.  The old Thacker house (once the Baily house and who knows who else owned it) is crumbling away on the verge of the hill.  No doubt it's the favorite haunted house in the area, and why not?
Anna's headstone

The source of Charlotte's "Frankfort Water".  It's full of sulphur and iron, can't tell what else.

The spring is still pumping out the water, open to the public and it is indeed drinkable, though rather bitter.  We brought a jug of it home for book event "show and tell" and find that as the sulphur dissipates the water is more palatable.  Now its' just mineral water.

Frankfort lake shore.  Beautiful town!

Here's the layout of the Benzonia cemetary.  Not very useful unless you have a key--we'll try to pinpoint the number of Anna's site and see what the chances are of finding out who really placed the stone there.

Inside of the Benzonia history museum, which is housed in the former Congregationalist Church.  The main doors are upstairs, go figure.  Maybe symbolic of what you have to do to get to heaven.  Or the foundation has settled.

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