Saturday, September 24, 2011

Book group features "Faithful"--Dinner hosted by Deb features farm menu!!!

Just got home from book group--Deb B. hosted it and served things of a farm family nature (ham, potatoes white and sweet, gravy, breads, vegies of all kinds, apple pie, other yummy things).  Everyone spoke VERY highly of the book, which was lovely; hope folks will offer comments and suggestions privately if they're too nice to do it in public.  :)  The details of life in those times seems to be what people like, more than the mystery of who killed Anna.

Most folks agree with my theory of 'who done it'.

Next up, trip to Benzonia for their grand "Haunts of Benzie County" event, followed shortly after by a trip to the library at Tipton, thanks to Cherie and her connections.  Onward!


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