Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The book is on its way!

U of Michigan sent me a large package, which unfortunately arrived on the first rainy day we'd had here in Indy for months! I unwrapped 400+ pages of edited manuscript, some of them rather soggy, and we spread the wet ones out on the dining room table to dry.

I was amazed at the things they found that needed my attention. Name spellings that changed slightly (when the 1894 Benzie Banner spells a name one way and the court documents spell it another, who gets the tie-breaker? We decided not to argue with the court!), conflicting dates, and things that were vague enough to be confusing and needed further notes.

Harriet, who edits medical documents for a living, did yeoman's work on this beast. She found typos that U of Michigan's sharp-eyed editors missed!

If it's not wonderful when we finish, it's my own damned fault. Have to get the final thing sent off in time for them to receive it by 12/10.

It's finally happening, yowza!


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