Friday, April 8, 2011

We're back from a VERY lovely river cruise

We spent 8 days on a Netherlands/Belgium river cruise, learning about hydroengineering projects, pommes frites, bulbs, chocolate, art, Medieval/Renaissance building, chocolate, cathedrals, and chocolate. Click on the link above to see the pics I uploaded. Warning: it's ALL of the pics, but you can use the slide bar at the top to zip from place to place.

Why here? Welll, it's because a few years ago we saw the movie, "In Bruges", in which two gangsters are sent to Bruges to hide out for a while. One of them falls in love with the place, and much of the movie is a travelogue through the fresh eyes of this one, played against the cynicism of the other gangster ("No clubs, no night life, here we are in fuckin' Bruges").

So when I encountered info about this river cruise and the fact that a side trip to Bruges was possible, I wrote to Harriet and asked her if she wanted to take a river cruise to F*ckinBruges, knowing what the reply would be. And yes, EffinBruges is as splendid as the gangster said, and we're ready to return there any time we win the lottery. Which may take a while since we never play the lottery. But you get the idea.

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